M. Norman # 1:2019-bk-12166

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Ohio Southern District (Cincinnati)

Case Summary

Title: M. Norman
District: Ohio Southern Bankruptcy Court
Division: Cincinnati
Type: bk
Asset: **
Vol: *
Trustee: Field 
Chapter: 7
Entered: 2019-06-12
Filed: 2019-06-12
Debtor Class: **********
Nature of debt: ********
Fee: ***********
Judge: *******

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

A chapter 7 bankruptcy case begins with the debtor filing a petition with the bankruptcy court serving the area where the individual lives or where the business debtor is organized or has its principal place of business or principal assets. (in this case that would be Ohio) In order to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy you will have to pass the means test. This test looks at your income level compared to the median income level of your state, again in this case that state would be Ohio. The courts must charge a $245 case filing fee, a $75 miscellaneous administrative fee, and a $15 trustee surcharge. Normally, the fees must be paid to the clerk of the court upon filing. It looks like for this case the party as Installment their fees. Most people assume that you will lose all your property in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process but there are actually many federal exemptions and state exemptions for Ohio.

Party Summary

M******** Norman (Debtor
**** ******* ****
********** **, *****

represented by: ****** * ******** **
G****** * D********
*** **** ******
***** ***
********** **, **********
Phone: (**) ***-****
Email: **************@*******.***
Field / US Trustee
** **** ******* ******
***** ****
Cincinnati OH, 45202

Docket Summary

Date Doc # Description
09/22/2019 18Certificate of Mailing - BNC
[Certificate of Mailing - BNC]
09/20/2019 17Notice of Deficient Filing
[Notice of Deficient Filing]
08/26/2019 15Reaffirmation Agreement
[Reaffirmation Agreement]
07/22/2019 Receipt of Installment Payment (First)
07/22/2019 Receipt of Installment Payment (Second)
07/22/2019 Receipt of Installment Payment (Third)
07/22/2019 Receipt of Installment Payment (Final)
07/17/2019 Chapter 7 Trustee's Report of No Distribution - No Funds
07/12/2019 14Certificate of Mailing - BNC
[Certificate of Mailing - BNC]
07/09/2019 13Notice of Overdue Installment Payment
[Notice of Overdue Installment Payment]
06/13/2019 Notice of Debtor's Prior Filings
06/13/2019 8Pay Filing Fees in Installments
[Pay Filing Fees in Installments]
06/13/2019 9341 Meeting Issued after Auto Assign
[341 Meeting Issued after Auto Assign]
06/13/2019 10Request for Notice
[Request for Notice]
06/12/2019 1Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7)
[Voluntary Petition (Chapter 7)]
06/12/2019 2Statement of Social Security Number-Form 121
[Statement of Social Security Number-Form 121]
06/12/2019 3Statement 1015-2 with No Prior
[Statement 1015-2 with No Prior]
06/12/2019 4Statement of Intent
[Statement of Intent]
06/12/2019 5Verification of Creditor Matrix
[Verification of Creditor Matrix]
06/12/2019 6Pay Filing Fee in Installments
[Pay Filing Fee in Installments]
06/12/2019 Auto Assignment (7 No Asset)
06/12/2019 7Certificate of Credit Counseling
[Certificate of Credit Counseling]

For more information you can read more about chapter 7s here Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Basics

They also have a pretty good video which we have provided below


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