Schwab (Trustee) v. Meadowbrook Coal Co., Inc. # 5:18-ap-00068-

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Pennsylvania Middle District

Case Summary

Title: Schwab (Trustee) v. Meadowbrook Coal Co., Inc.
District: Pennsylvania Middle Bankruptcy Court
Type: ap
Debtor Class:
Nature of debt:

Party Summary

Docket Summary

Date Doc # Description
07/13/2018 Close/Dismiss Adversary Proceeding (public entry, sends emails, no doc # or PDF)
06/28/2018 12BNC Certificate of Notice
[BNC Certificate of Notice]
06/26/2018 11Order on Motion to Dismiss Adversary Proceeding
[Order on Motion to Dismiss Adversary Proceeding]
06/22/2018 Failure to Include Revisable Order
06/22/2018 10Exhibit
06/21/2018 8Dismiss Adversary Proceeding
[Dismiss Adversary Proceeding]
06/15/2018 7Order on Motion to Defer/Waive Fee
[Order on Motion to Defer/Waive Fee]
06/13/2018 3Summons (original, amended, reissued, third-party)
[Summons (original, amended, reissued, third-party)]
06/13/2018 4Discrepancy between CM/ECF entry and uploaded PDF
[Discrepancy between CM/ECF entry and uploaded PDF]
06/13/2018 5Defer/Waive Fee
[Defer/Waive Fee]
06/13/2018 6Certificate of Service (or Certificate of Mailing)
[Certificate of Service (or Certificate of Mailing)]
06/12/2018 1Complaint
06/12/2018 2Defer/Waive Fee
[Defer/Waive Fee]

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