E. Espinoza # 2019-24277

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Utah District (Salt Lake City)

Case Summary

Title: E. Espinoza
District: Utah Bankruptcy Court
Division: Salt Lake City
Type: bk
Asset: ***
Vol: *
Trustee: Jenkins tr 
Chapter: 13
Entered: 2019-06-12
Filed: 2019-06-12
Debtor Class: **********
Nature of debt: ********
Fee: ***********
Judge: ******

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a way to reorganize debt and pay creditors in a manner that is manageable by the debtor. Chapter 13 is different from Chapter 7, which liquidates unsecured debts and no payments are made. Under this chapter, debtors propose a repayment plan to make installments to creditors over three to five years. If the debtor's current monthly income is less than the applicable Utah state median, the plan will be for three years unless the court approves it can be longer. If the debtor's current monthly income is greater than the applicable Utah state median, the plan generally must be for five years. Any individual, even if self-employed or operating an unincorporated business, is eligible for chapter 13 relief as long as the individual's unsecured debts are less than $394,725 and secured debts are less than $1,184,200. These amounts are adjusted periodically to reflect changes in the consumer price index. A corporation or partnership may not be a chapter 13 debtor. You can read about more here about 11 U.S. Code 109 - Who may be a debtor.

Party Summary

E***** Espinoza (Debtor
**** ***********
**** ****** **, *****

represented by: **** *. *******
R**** *. S*******
**** ***** ******* ****
***** **
**** ****** **, *****
Phone: (**) ***-****
Email: ****@*******.***
Jenkins tr / US Trustee
*** ***** *****
*** ***** **** ******
Salt Lake City UT, 84111

Docket Summary

Date Doc # Description
09/03/2019 Close Bankruptcy Case (Chapter 7,12 &13)
07/31/2019 18Chapter 13 Trustee's Final Report and Account
[Chapter 13 Trustee's Final Report and Account]
07/23/2019 17Change of Address
[Change of Address]
07/02/2019 14Dismissing Case (Administrative) (order)
[Dismissing Case (Administrative) (order)]
07/02/2019 Clerk's Notice of Fees Due (Dismissed only)
07/01/2019 13Certificate of Service
[Certificate of Service]
06/27/2019 8Declaration/Affidavit Re: Tax Returns
[Declaration/Affidavit Re: Tax Returns]
06/27/2019 9Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor
[Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor]
06/27/2019 10Chapter 13 Statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period Form 122C-1
[Chapter 13 Statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period Form 122C-1]
06/27/2019 11Chapter 13 Plan
[Chapter 13 Plan]
06/27/2019 12Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules
[Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules]
06/21/2019 7BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors
[BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors]
06/13/2019 Notice of Debtors Prior Filings
06/13/2019 Deficiencies (13)
06/13/2019 Pay Filing Fees in Installments (order)
06/12/2019 1Voluntary Petition (Chapter 13) (FEE)
[Voluntary Petition (Chapter 13) (FEE)]
06/12/2019 List of Creditors (Matrix) Upload
06/12/2019 2Pay Filing Fee in Installments (Motion)
[Pay Filing Fee in Installments (Motion)]
06/12/2019 3Statement of Social Security Number(s)
[Statement of Social Security Number(s)]
06/12/2019 Auto Assignment Meeting of Creditors 13

For more information you can read more about chapter 13s here Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Basics

They also have a pretty good video on the types of bankruptcy which we have provided below


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