Y. Caceres # 18-17157-

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Florida Southern District

Case Summary

Title: Y. Caceres
District: Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court
Type: bk
Chapter: 7
Debtor Class:
Nature of debt: ********

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

A chapter 7 bankruptcy case begins with the debtor filing a petition with the bankruptcy court serving the area where the individual lives or where the business debtor is organized or has its principal place of business or principal assets. (in this case that would be Florida) In order to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy you will have to pass the means test. This test looks at your income level compared to the median income level of your state, again in this case that state would be Florida. The courts must charge a $245 case filing fee, a $75 miscellaneous administrative fee, and a $15 trustee surcharge. Normally, the fees must be paid to the clerk of the court upon filing. Most people assume that you will lose all your property in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process but there are actually many federal exemptions and state exemptions for Florida.

Party Summary

Yahima Caceres (Party


Docket Summary

Date Doc # Description
11/30/2018 41AutoClose Bankruptcy Case
[AutoClose Bankruptcy Case]
11/01/2018 40Certificate of Service [Attorney]
[Certificate of Service [Attorney]]
10/30/2018 39Approve Order
[Approve Order]
10/08/2018 35Approve
10/08/2018 36Notice of Hearing by Filer
[Notice of Hearing by Filer]
10/08/2018 37Certificate of Service [Attorney]
[Certificate of Service [Attorney]]
10/08/2018 38Disclosure of Compensation
[Disclosure of Compensation]
10/03/2018 34Certificate of Service [Attorney]
[Certificate of Service [Attorney]]
10/02/2018 33Redeem Order
[Redeem Order]
09/23/2018 32BNC Certificate of Mailing - Order of Discharge
[BNC Certificate of Mailing - Order of Discharge]
09/21/2018 31Auto Discharge of Debtor(s) [Ch 7]
[Auto Discharge of Debtor(s) [Ch 7]]
09/09/2018 30BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document
[BNC Certificate of Mailing - PDF Document]
09/07/2018 29Order Approving Reaffirmation Agreement
[Order Approving Reaffirmation Agreement]
09/06/2018 27Reaffirmation Agreement
[Reaffirmation Agreement]
09/06/2018 28Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet
[Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet]
08/23/2018 23Redeem
08/23/2018 24Notice of Hearing by Filer
[Notice of Hearing by Filer]
08/23/2018 25Certificate of Service [Attorney]
[Certificate of Service [Attorney]]
08/23/2018 26Disclosure of Compensation
[Disclosure of Compensation]
08/13/2018 22Disclosure of Compensation
[Disclosure of Compensation]
07/22/2018 21BNC Certificate of Mailing
[BNC Certificate of Mailing]
07/20/2018 20Order Re: Debtor's Compliance with 521(a)(1) Filing Requirements
[Order Re: Debtor's Compliance with 521(a)(1) Filing Requirements]
07/19/2018 Ch 7 Trustee's Report of No Distribution
07/19/2018 Trustee's Statement Re: Debtor's Compliance with 521(a)(1) Filing Requirements [PAPERLESS]
07/12/2018 17Certification of Financial Management Course
[Certification of Financial Management Course]
06/20/2018 16BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors
[BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors]
06/20/2018 14Redact Order
[Redact Order]
06/20/2018 15Certificate of Service [Attorney]
[Certificate of Service [Attorney]]
06/19/2018 12Redact
06/19/2018 13Payment Advices
[Payment Advices]
06/19/2018 Auto-Docket of Credit Card
06/18/2018 Notice to Filer of Apparent Filing Deficiency [ECF]
06/16/2018 10Request for Notice
[Request for Notice]
06/15/2018 1Voluntary Petition Ch 7 [ECF]
[Voluntary Petition Ch 7 [ECF]]
06/15/2018 Meeting of Creditors 7 (No Asset) [Auto]
06/15/2018 3Statement of Social Security Number(s)
[Statement of Social Security Number(s)]
06/15/2018 4Chapter 7 Statement of Your Monthly Income Form 122A-1 [Ch 7]
[Chapter 7 Statement of Your Monthly Income Form 122A-1 [Ch 7]]
06/15/2018 5Chapter 7 [Means] Test Calculation Form 122A-2 [Ch 7]
[Chapter 7 [Means] Test Calculation Form 122A-2 [Ch 7]]
06/15/2018 6Certification of Budget and Credit Counseling Course
[Certification of Budget and Credit Counseling Course]
06/15/2018 7Payment Advices
[Payment Advices]
06/15/2018 Auto-Docket of Credit Card
06/15/2018 8Disclosure of Compensation
[Disclosure of Compensation]
06/15/2018 9Notice of Filing
[Notice of Filing]

For more information you can read more about chapter 7s here Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Basics

They also have a pretty good video which we have provided below


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