Client Testimonials

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BKData™ has a long-standing client base that has nothing but great things to say about our product. Check out what some of these top bankruptcy attorneys have to say about BKData™!

BK Data is a truly innovative product that provides our law practice with invaluable data thus, allowing us to better serve our clients. We now have the ability to track specific metrics important to us and anticipate the needs of our community. Thanks for developing such a great product!

Rick Hodge
Owner – Rick Hodge Attorney at Law

I have described marketing the practice without this data "as flying in the dark." BKData is invaluable. It has saved us invaluable time and expense compiling the filing information from PACER and monitor the effectiveness of our various advertising campaigns, those of our colleagues, and target certain cities and geographical areas where the highest level of filing activity occurs.

Andrew S. Mansfield
Partner – Higson Cheney Mansfield, PC

BKData has dramatically increased our ability to monitor bankruptcy cases within our district. With BK Data's tracking abilities, we have also been able to gain a marketing advantage over our competition by reaching out to prospective clients before our competitors do. I highly recommend BKData if you are looking to gain that extra edge in your bankruptcy market!

Nathan E. DeLadurantey
Owner – DeLadurantey Law Office

I started using BKData about 3 years ago. I use it to determine marketing campaign areas and stay ahead of the filing trends in my district. It has been invaluable! I couldn't imagine how to market without BKData.

Orfelia M. Mayor
Partner – Bankruptcy Law Firm of Casas & Mayor

BKData has been an invaluable asset to our practice. It has helped us with generating new business and also identifying new markets to go into. Every bankruptcy practice should utilize BKData.

Matt St. Amant
Operations manager – Brock & Stout Attorneys At Law

I have been using BKData since 2011 and the program is incredible. I love the fact that I can easily see how I am doing compared to my competition. Not only that, but the fact that I can tell where people live in my state that are filing has helped me in not only my marketing but in deciding where to open new offices to be closer to my potential clients. I would highly recommend BKData.

Theron Morrison
Owner – Theron D. Morrison P.C.

I consult BKData at least once a week, usually twice, to see how I'm doing compared to my competition. It helps me target my pay-per-click advertising; and also helps me to decide where my offices should be. My highly successful office in Stafford VA was located based on what I learned from BKData, and I'm moving my location in Sterling VA a couple miles, also based on what BKData tells me. BKData helps me understand the size of the over-all market. When bankruptcies swing back up again, BKData TM will help me be the first to know, and plan accordingly.

Robert Weed
Owner – Robert Weed Bankruptcy Firm

BKData is amazing! Considering a satellite office? BKData will give all the market data you need to choose the best location!

Michael J. Primus
Owner – Michael J. Primus Attorney At Law

BKData has revolutionized my firm and the way in which I attract clients. If fact, since I started using this site for my marketing I have increased my profits by over 25%. The staff at BKData is efficient and responsive, the training for the product has been excellent and the price for using this site is so low it's really a no-brainer to sign up with them. We all know that our marketing budget can get outrageous in a hurry. But with BKData this cost is fixed and the value / return on investment that you get in return is amazing compared to most other marketing techniques. Plus, as an added bonus, I get to see what my competition is doing and counteract that. I can't imagine running my business without this tool. I have been a customer now for over 3 years. And I don't intend to stop anytime soon!

Christopher Lee
Owner – The Lee Law Firm

BKData has helped in a BIG way, we have gotten leads from the data that we are able to pull and we are able to see locations of where cases are filed to advertise in as well.

Tammy Chandler
Office administrator – Baker & Associates

It is great knowing where cases are being filed and who is filing them. If you notice a competitors filings spike, further investigation can lead to an effective marketing opportunity.

Zeshan Usman
Owner – Usman Law Firm